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Gain Expanded Awareness, Heightened Confidence & Enhanced Pleasure with…


Tantra can be used to improve your quality of life in many ways…

  • Transform your relationships
  • Get your needs & desires met more easily
  • Feel connected & fulfilled
  • Create intimacy
  • Experience more love in your life

Tap in – to the Knowledge

Tune in – to the Conversations 

& Get. Turned. On! 

Interested in becoming a Certified Neo-Traditional Tantra Practitioner? Schedule an info call TODAY to talk to Adriana, and find out what it takes. Our graduates make a $4-20k/month with all the freedom they want, doing fulfilling work with clients. Add Tantra to your current services, or start from the ground up. 
Anything is possible with this magical ancient art

Increase Awareness, Confidence & Pleasure in Your Life!

  • Improve your business & professional relationships
  • Improve your marriage & relationship with your in-laws
  • Improve your relationship with your parents & family
  • Create community more easily
  • Effectively communicate with anyone
  • Communicate in stressful situations
  • Resolve conflicts more often

I’m a professional Tantrika that embraces the context of unconditional love, teaches the art of expanded pleasure, and indulges in the sweet surrender of intimacy.

I’m authentic, all natural, genuine, down to earth, and intellectual.

I come from a background of mathematics, teaching, and programming, but have spent the better part of the last decade fully immersed in healing arts.


What my clients are saying…

”Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. It was a gift.”

“Opening up, letting go & recharging. Tingling joy. All in one hour.”

“I am delighted to have connected with you on all levels and I am thankful for the caring energy of support you shared with me”

“I LOVE your energy”

“I woke up so focused and energized today it was amazing! I can’t stop thinking about how great this made me feel and I’m tempted to book for tonight again, if you’re available”

“I truly appreciate your gift and your beauty”

“I bathe in the memory of your touch and sensual guidance. As your essence wrapped into me it sent electricity through me”

“I feel relaxed for the first time in weeks”

“I feel great! I can relate to all the comments (reviews) you sent me.”

Learn the Foundational Principles & Practices of Neo-Traditional Tantra®