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Unleash Your Pleasure : Tantric Breathwork Workshop


Denver, CO (private residence near City Park)


Get ready for a 5 hour immersive workshop on Tantric Pranayama!

Pranayama means breath control in Sanskrit. Or, more accurately, it translates to control of vital life force (ie. energy & breath)

Are you looking for a new way to feel more intimacy in your life? Maybe you’ve decided to hold off on the alcohol this weekend. Maybe you’ve just crawled out of bed after a bad breakp. Maybe you’re peeking out from behind your computer after a very long, stressful work week. Whether you’re dealing with big feelings of griend, rage, and despair, or subtler ones of boredom, apathy, and cravings, we may have a solition to satiate your seeking souls:

Your breath.

Yes, that’s right, that thing you do all day, every day, can bring about more pleasure than you realize! 

Did you know that you can control your heart rate with your breath? How about your nervous system? Orgasms? You’d better believe it! And we’re here to teach you how, all in one juicy day together!


Leave this workshop feeling light, free, empowered, energized, and maybe even a little turned on! Ooo lala

Take with you a newfound knowledge, with real techniques you can do anywhere, for more pleasure, stress relief, and emotional stability

We’ll be teaching some basic tantra philosophy, as well as real life techniques you can use in your every day life. You’ll also get the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and experience the magic together in a safe space. Ashlene and Adriana work together to create a consentually connecting environment for everyone to feel safe and relaxed. Our goal is to allow you to deeper than you’ve ever gone before. The deeper you connect with yourself, the deeper you can connect with others.

Tantra is the philosophy on Unconditional Love. In that space, we can experience Oneness. We are all connected and intertwined with one another, and to everything around us. The most important person to connect with, is yourself. Connecting with your breath is an empowering, pleasurable, and effective way to do that. We’ll go over some basic techniques and teachings, then get you connected to the group with some fun exercises to open your heart up, and create a safe, connected environment, before going deep within.


Here are just a few benefits to learning this ancient art of Tantric Pranayama:

  • Causes incredible releases for you to move through emotions in an empowering way
  • Decreases stress, almost instantly
  • Increases pleasure
  • Work through trauma, and release it from your body
  • Keeps you looking (and feeling!) younger. Stress does a lot of damage to our body. Learn ways to cope, and release. Many participants may notice they look, and feel, more vibrant after one Breathwork Ceremony!
  • Improve your orgasm control, and reach higher states of bliss through multiple orgasms, full-body orgasms, non-ejaculatory orgasms (NEOs), non-genitally stimulated orgasms (NGSOs), and more
  • Connect with yourself, other people, and the world around you, in deeper ways
  • Experience how your breath can get you higher than substances like drugs or alcohol

Workshop Itinerary:

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Tantric Teachings:

  • What is Tantra? Brief explanation of what Tantra is, different types, & basic history
  • Defining Embodiement, Sensuality, & Intimacy
  • Teachings on Orgasms
  • Full Body Breath: a breath technique to prolong orgasm and cultivate sexual energy

III. Connecting Practices:

  • Choice Mingle: a fun, light-hearted, connecting exercise where you walk around the room to some music and connect with other participants through hugs and eye gazing
  • The Fall in Love Exercise: a deeply connecting experience you’ll get to do with a partner of your choice, that involves no touching, but will connect you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • Hand on Heart: a Tantric yoga exercise done with a partner of your choice

IV. 2 hr Immersive Breathwork Experiential Journey, facilitated by Ashlene (full description below)

V. Integration and Optional Sharing

*Important note: All exercises and practies are 100% optional and should only be participated in with total consent and a full body “fuck yes!” Consent is required every step of the way.

This itinerary is subject to change during the workshop, dependent on the guests who arrive, and timing.

This is a clothing-required workshop. No nudity and no sexual acts will be performed. Although they are highly encouraged for you when you get home and practice your techniques 😉



Co-Facilitator: Ashlene

Ashlene is a Holistic Breathwork Facilitator, intuitive yoga guide and a Reiki Energy Healer in Denver, CO. Using a grounded, heart-centered approach, Ashlene creates an open container for her clients to breathe into their edges, express the unexpressed, and reunite with their wise inner being

By offering an intuitive and compassionate approach, Ashlene creates a safe ceremonial experience that allows you to have a safe space to escape the mental chatter of the mind, drop into the heart and begin to embody your fullest expression to live confidently in the fullness of your being. She uses her welcoming presence to invite whatever is living to be seen, heard, expressed so it can be released.

Ashlene’s mission is to create a sacred container for you to tap into your innate power of being in your heart’s desire, to trust the wisdom of your body and open yourself up to explore your subconscious. Through this process you will reclaim your authentic expression, strengthen your intuition and feel empowered along the way. She mentors others to go within to create safety to open and trust so they can express their heart-centered vision with the world.


Breathwork Experiential Journey description:

A collaborative journey through the self with conscious connected breathwork (Sacred Breath Method) combined with music, guidance, drumming and support. This ceremony is designed to guide you deep into the body and subconscious mind to elevate your consciousness, regulate your nervous system and cause incredible releases.


Co-Facilitator: Adriana

Adriana is a Tantra teacher, professional speaker, entrepreneurial coach, and pleasure-seeker.
She’s been leading Tantric workshops for over 3 years, and has reached thousands of people, nationwide, with teachings on tantra, trauma, and entrepreneurship.
She’s led over 15+ week-long tantra trainings that all included a segment on Tantric breathwork, teaching dozens of practitioners how to heal others with Tantric breath. She’s also worked with hundreds of one-on-one clients where she guided them through basic breathwork techniques during Tantric Ceremonies.
For more info, check out her About page


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*Space limited to 12 people max*