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Tantric Ceremonies

Pleasure as Medicine, is Bliss

Hello sweet, splendid love… are you ready to connect with the divine, and feel high from pleasure?

I can relax even the most tense of people… Come get a full system reset.

Feel rested, revived, and ready to take on the world!!


Tantra massage benefits that clients have reported after one session:

Relieves stress, clears your mind, brings peace, creates confidence, eliminates tension, relieves pain, increases your energy levels, increases blood flow, connects you spiritually, relieves frustration, leaves you with a blissful healthy high feeling, grounds your energy, eliminates frantic energy, pulls you out of apathetic feelings, increases positive mindset and gratitude, boosts serotonin and oxytocin levels, increases your ability to experience energy in your body, balances your chakras, increases your ability to have multiple orgasms/prolonged orgasms/full body orgasms, increases your sensual acuity, raises your awareness, allows your creativity to flow, removes blockages/negative energy that are holding you back in life, makes it easier to let things/people go, detoxifies the body and energy field, leaves you with a feeling of euphoria, heightens all of your senses, intensifies the feelings of your sexual energy, leaves you with a calm grounded emotional state, heals depression/anxiety, speeds up manifestation, increases focus and peace of mind, and opens your heart right up!!!


~~~More About Me and My Journey~~~

I’m a professional Tantrika that embraces the context of unconditional love, teaches the art of expanded pleasure, and indulges in the sweet surrender of intimacy… I’m authentic, down to earth, and intellectual. You may find it easy to let your walls down with me, like we’ve known each other for decades, and expose yourself in a vulnerable, yet pleasurable, way.

My spiritual journey has been a winding road. When I first stepped out into the world on my own, I was hired as the youngest Lead Math Teacher at a reputable school, and went on to study iOS programming at Stanford. But as fate would have it, I underwent an emotionally traumatic experience that left me broken with grief. My incredibly brilliant boyfriend committed suicide. He left me behind in this mess of confusion, wondering why I should stick around myself, without the one person I loved most…

I became obsessed with healing arts, getting trained and certified in any modality that crossed my path… emotional intelligence, breathwork, coaching, NLP, energy work, yoga, and Tantra, just to name a few.. I had embarked on a quest to feel better. To fall in love with myself. To fall in love with LIFE.

In my quest I realized that everything I had ever wanted, was for one sole purpose: to feel GOOD!

I believe that Happiness and Fulfillment come from within. I especially love the theory that they come exclusively from achieving long term goals. But what about in the meantime? How do we strive long and hard enough to achieve those? And what do we do once the goals are achieved and we haven’t set new ones yet? I believe the answer lies within the ancient-old teachings that have been passed down for generations (and often misunderstood by the general public).

And that is Pleasure.

Pleasure with Integrity can be unbelievably healing. Seeking Pleasure without integrity can be destructive, but WITH integrity, it can soothe the unsoothable, provide energy in the emptiest of days, invigorate the mind, body, AND spirit, while making this life feel juicy and worthwhile.

I’ve since created an incredibly happy, pleasurable life. I travel, teach, seek out moments of awe, learn new things, connect with divine souls, and get to experience the vast spectrum of feelings we’re blessed with in this human form. I emerged from the darkest, most hopeless, time of my life, into an abundant, soulful dream-life, rich with experience and love. I’m now determined to help others achieve the same.

We don’t have to run on automatic, barely holding on by thread-like string, just making it through our days Sexual energy shouldn’t be damaging to your life. I’ve watched people allow it to break their marriage, engulf them in addiction, disappoint their children, and even… end their lives. It doesn’t have to. Sexual energy is an incredibly powerful, and sacred, energy that can be harnessed and channeled in wonderfully enlivening ways. Tantra teaches us to still indulge in pleasure, while using it to better our lives, instead of using it as an escape.

A ceremony with me shouldn’t be an escape from “real life,” it should be an enhancement. Allow me to leave you with lessons, experience, love, and energy to take into your life and multiply your blessings. Allow my energy to wash through you and cleanse you. Allow my touch to enliven you and expand your senses. Allow my words to penetrate your beliefs and restring your thoughts into rampages of enlightenment.

I’ve spent the last 7 years serving my communities with heartfelt ceremonies, group workshops, dozens of week-long intensive Tantra certification programs, and even supported others to utilize Tantra to build 6 figure businesses. I’ve been interviewed online and on the radio, spoken in front of hundreds of people, and coached many multi-millionaires into more pleasurable lives. I even worked at a high-end spa in Beverly Hills as a Massage Therapist, where I worked with numerous high profile people and celebrities, so you can be sure that I’m professional, discreet, and good at what I do. With me, you’ll get more than just a satisfying connection. You’ll walk out of here (or float out..) with a deeper knowledge and understanding of what Tantra actually is, and how it can profoundly impact your life.

Like many of my clients, you may even reach brand new heights of pleasure in our very first visit, from the carefully-curated blend of techniques I use.

Most people come to me to transform:

Their boredom into excitement,

Their trauma into gratitude,

Their stress into peace,

Their confusion into clarity,

And/Or their curiosity/craving into satisfaction


~~~The Most Common Compliments I get~~~

(For more reviews, check out my Instagram @tantricfairyaphrodite)

“You’re so much hotter/prettier than your photos.”

“I feel AMAZING”

“You truly have a gift” (I’ve been hearing this one a lot lately ☺️)

“I feel Bliss/Blissed out” ✨

“I see why you call it your ‘fall in love’ ceremony, and why you couldn’t describe it earlier… it’s appropriately named” 🥰😉

“You have a GREAT touch”

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before!”

“I haven’t felt this relaxed in years… or maybe ever!”

“What did you do to me… I feel amazing”

“I feel so relaxed, but so energized at the same time. I’m not used to feeling this good”

“You’re place is so clean/comfortable/smells good, and looks better than I expected”

“I came in so stressed. I can’t believe I don’t feel that at all anymore.”

“I don’t know what I expected, but you surpassed all expectations.. you really know what you’re doing!” (Always my favorite 🥰)


~~~All Ceremonies Include~~~

.a slow, professional-grade, pleasure-based, sensual tantric reiki massage

.Hands-on Holy Fire Usui Reiki & Tantric Reiki energy work

.Heated table & hot towels

.Tantra Teachings on what “tantra” means, different kinds of orgasms, sexual energy cultivation philosophies, specific techniques for energy manipulation & orgasm control

.Guided Tantric Meditation

.Sound Healing .Guided Tantric Pranayama (Breathwork)

.Sensuality & Intimacy


Some of my education/qualifications…

Trained & Certified in:

Tantric Reiki Massage,

Tantra Practitioner & Teacher,

Traditional Tantric partner yoga exercises,

NLP (Neuro-Linguist Programming), from the Empowerment Partnership,

Holy Fire Usui Reiki,

Usui Reiki,

Massage Therapy (swedish, lomi lomi, deep tissue, and a bit of Esalen), from Healing Hands LLC,

Sexuality & Sensuality,

Emotional intelligence,




Communication studies,

Quantum physics,

Mathematics, from Cal State,

Law of Attraction,

Masculine/Feminine Dynamics & energy,

Muscle Testing, from a famous Psychologist in Beverly Hills,



Professional Executive Coaching, from ICF-accredited World Coach Institute,

Professional Speaking, from Toastmasters, Small Business Consulting,

iOS development, from Stanford,

Teaching, from Huntington,


Tarot card reading (Can you tell I’m obsessed with learning new things? 😉 )


My Space for in-person sessions in Denver…

You’ll be welcomed into a beautiful, private, upscale apartment in Downtown Denver, fully equip with a full bathroom, shower, tub, and clean towels. I work hard to always keep my house, materials, sheets, and everything, very clean, sanitized, and smelling good (I also have an upscale apartment in downtown Cincinnati that I split my time between)

COVID precautions… I take covid very seriously, so please be prepared to sanitize your hands, and gargle mouthwash, before we begin. Please text me to inquire about my vaccination status, as it is against tryst policy to share that information here *I do not discriminate based on vaccination status*


To Be Considered… Please text me to book an appointment:

720.576.8630 text only

Please note: I usually only respond when I’m available. So please dont feel bad if you don’t hear from me for days at a time. I’ll get back to you eventually, I promise! And if I dont, don’t be shy about double texting me 🙂 *I work in synergy with all local laws. No illegal activities*




in-person, Denver, Tantric Reiki Massage Ceremonies:

1.5 Hr Basic Ceremony: (entire time on a massage table): $600

1.5 Hr Bliss Ceremony: (massage table + “Fall in Love” ceremony on a floor bed): $750


Online Professional Coaching Services:

sessions done over the phone/zoom

includes coaching, NLP, hypnosis, emotional intelligence exercises, guided meditation, breathwork, related resources, and more…

(for more info on my professional coaching services, book a free consultation & assessment on my calender, here:

Book a free consultation