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About Adriana

Adriana Gustavson is a present day Whole-listic Healer, Tantra Teacher, Professional Speaker, Writer, CEO, Business Owner, and lover of all things Tantra. She has been running her own business as a healer for 8 years, coaching individuals for 6, teaching Tantra for 5, and certifying other practitioners for 3. She’s certified and trained in a number of healing modalities that she’s merged together to create a powerful form of transformative healing that has impacted thousands of clients, and dozens of healers across the US.
But she didn’t start out that way! Her story starts when she was a Math Teacher and Math Tutoring Company owner over a decade ago. She started taking some classes and slowly transitioned into the healing world, taking every workshop, reading every book, and enrolling in every program she could find. A few years later, she was faced with her very own trauma, which ignited a fire in her to deeply connect with others, while expanding her energy work to new levels.

“I transform people’s lives with Tantra (ie. the art of Pleasure). If you think about everything you really want in life- like love, confidence, fulfillment, sex, money- what do they all have in common? They’re all things you think will make you feel good in having them.

What if you could feel good now, and work your way backwards to attaining those things? I mean, isn’t that how life really works?

Be-Do-Have. Not ‘Have-Do-Be.’

I help people get into their Pleasure and to Be Their Best Selves.. THEN we can enjoy the journey of attaining everything we want in life!”

Adriana has led over 15 week-long training programs, where she trained and certified dozens of alternative healers through her self-created Neo-Traditional Tantra Practitioner Certification Program. 
Friends and Professionals alike describe her as a natural-born leader, and teacher, who thrives on her passion, curiosity, and love of people. She’s expressive on stage in front of hundreds of people, and connects deeply with her audience, no matter what walks of life they come from. She loves sharing her message, expanding people’s minds, and challenging fixed perspectives.
She’s spoken on dozens of panels with the Center for Positive Sexuality, at local Universtities in California, to promote acceptence for minoritized topics surrounding sexuality, like BDSM, Polyamory, and Sexual Identity, reaching hundreds of college students.
She’s also made several guest speaker appearances in the last 6 yrs, such as:
+Guest Speaker: Tantra and Trauma @ Loyola Maramount University, interviewed by Radio Host Mystical Pete (Los Angeles, CA)
+Guest Speaker: STEM Women in Business @ An Annual STEM event, hosted by Hawthorne High School (Hawthorne, CA)
+Guest Speaker: Women & Entrepreneurship @ Beverly Hills High School (Beverly Hills, CA)
+Spoken Poet: Poety w/ Dove Release Performance Piece @ Miracle Tuesday, hosted by Legacy 138 (Santa Monica Pier, CA)
+Co-Creator/Co-Teacher (week-long seminar): Awaken the Darkini – Business Activation @ Sedona retreat house, by Eden Hedon (Sedona, AZ)
+Speaker @ Marina Del Rey private club, by Toastmasters (Marina Del Rey, CA)
+Speaker & Competition Tied Winner, for The Panty Drawer @ Silicon Beach Pitch Competition (Orange Country, CA)

Learn the Foundational Principles & Practices of Neo-Traditional Tantra®

Below are a few of her credentials:

  • Founder, Owner, & CEO of Sacred Ceremonies LLC
  • Tantra Reiki Massage Practitioner Certification, The School of Mystery by Sacred Bound Enchantment
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification, The Empowerment Partnership
  • Life Coaching Certification Program, specialized in Relationships & Entrepreneurship, The World Coach Institute (ICF accredited)
  • Landmark Worldwide, Graduate, Coach, and Head Coach
  • Mastery in Transformational Training, LP 138 Graduate, Staff 143 & 152 (workshop coach), Senior LP 152 (3 month program coach)
  • Celebrating Men & Satisfying Women, Alison Armstrong’s PAX, Graduate
  • Abraham Hicks workshop, devout follower
  • Reiki & energy work Attunements, several from several lineages
  • Marketing & Biz development, SCORE, 2014
  • Public Speaking, Toastmasters, 2014-2015
  • Professional Tarot Card Reader, 17 years
  • Business Owner (various businesses), 12 years
  • Bodyworker, 11 years
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC), 8 years
  • Educator for The Center for Positive Sexuality, 2 years

She believes trauma is a gift:

“It’s something we would never wish on ourselves or others, but something that changes us in ways nothing else can. It gives people super powers: knowledge, experience, maturity, and extreme desire for something good. Some people would pay millions for the motivation trauma can fuel us with, and for the contrast that makes us feel like a simple breath is the most pleasurable thing on the planet.”

Life is about indulging in two things: Pleasure & Happiness. Pleasure gives us the short term energy to accomplish the longer term goals, which, when accomplished, give us the experience of happiness. -Adriana

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